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  • Handicrafts

    Rajasthan is a land of artisans. Since ages number of Handicrafts and artefacts. Handicrafts of Rajasthan  are famous not only in India but All over the World. Handicrafts of Rajasthan include- Wooden, Metal, Stone Carvings etc

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  • Blue Pottery

    Blue pottery is different from other pottery because it is the only pottery in the world that does not use clay. Blue Pottery is widely recognized as a traditional craft of Jaipur The art of glazed blue pottery came to India through Persia. This ancient craft is one of the oldest in Rajasthan. Today, many schools of pottery are scattered in different parts of the state. The blue pottery of Jaipur is the most exquisite and best known all over the world.

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  • Wall Hanging

    Rajasthan is culturally rich and has extensive tradition in art and culture, which reflects the Indian way of life. Wall Hanging Includes the very famous Puppets (Kathputli) of Rajasthan which means a puppet used for telling story. These stories usually cover all aspects of a person's life. They are a also used for decorating homes.

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  • Textile

    The Textile of Rajasthan has a fascinating range of dyed and block printing fabrics. Every state has its own special colour-scheme design and technique which are still prevalent in different part of Rajasthan The different form of textile are Hand-block prints, Tie and dye, Bandhej, Lehriya, Block Printing ,Zari, Kashida, etc

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