About Pittora

Pittora is a well-known Manufacturer and Wholesaler of Hand-made and Hand-block Printed items. Pittora started with a vision of offering natural, hand-made and hand-block printed products to customers. 

Pittora is working actively towards boosting of hand-made art and motivating the artisans. Its Hand-made products were widely appreciated for their quality, colors, eco-friendly nature, longevity, traditional and cultural touch. While diving in the sea of Hand-made and traditional products of Rajasthan, Pittora took a focused drive by hand-picking the fading art of traditional textile printing, which is Hand-block printing technique. 

With the aim of expanding, becoming a gender-neutral brand and to save the extinguishing art along with generating livelihood to the artisans of Hand-Block Printing process, Pittora registered itself as Pittora Trading Private Limited in year 2018 and initiated with traditional women apparels.

Pittora emphasises on offering products which are environment and skin friendly and creating a place for its artisans in the world. While being nature friendly Pittora is putting continuous efforts of providing different fusions of prints, fabrics, colors, patterns and techniques. 

The main pillars of Pittora are – 

  • Artisans – skilled and trained Hand-block printing artisans who are working in these field from generations. culture and traditions of India and are working adjacent with it while crafting 
  • Tradition and Culture – artisans and the team are aware about the its products.
  • Fusion and Innovation – the team of Pittora is putting genuine efforts of bringing fusion and innovation in its working and production.

Pittora’s mission is to encourage its artisans (especially women) who are under privileged and are from conservative background. Pittora is helping its artisans and team to develop new skills, increase self-confidence and self-motivation which will give them a wider world to conquer and glorify their artwork and labour.

Story Behind Pittora 

Every initiative has its own story of struggles and achievements. The founders of Pittora, native of Rajasthan choose tradition and culture of Rajasthan as an idea for their initiative. Rajasthan is considered as the ‘land of Kings’ (Rajas), kings and kingdom is related to culture, colors, energy, tradition and grace. Being culturally rich, Rajasthan has artistic and cultural traditions which reflects the way of life its people. 

While studying  the culture of Rajasthan the founders landed on to the dying art of textile printing, the Hand-block Printing Art.

The fading story of Hand-Block printing motivated the founders to theme their initiative around the art and Pittora the hand-block printing brand came into existence. The founders of Pittora started their research work for months to understand the art. It was difficult for them to understand why this amazing creative art is diminishing, although the market is flooded with block pattern textiles, why the artisans are not so enthusiastic towards their art and why the next generation of the artisans are not ready to carry forward this inheritance forward, also why these artisans were facing difficulties in reaching the correct customer.

 On the other hand, the research work through some light on the market perspective of hand-block print.

In the research it was found that though the customer was enthusiastic towards the hand-block print art, but they were unable to find it and were forced to settle for low quality printed fabric. Also, the limited hand-block print available in the market was out of reach from the end customer. Market was flooded with replica screen and machine prints which lacked enthusiasm in the artisans and due to lack of enthusiasm and economic benefit the coming generation of these artisans are moving away from the art.

On exploring further, the team found the reasons behind the issues and started making suitable efforts in the directions. Founders put their efforts to dig the real image of Hand-Block Printing art and worked towards making this art famous and available for all. To reach pan world Pittora launched an e-commerce platform for all the hand-block print admirers and looking at the web-portal the artisans developed enthusiasm. 

Pittora is helping in bringing the young generation back in the field by providing better opportunities. Efforts are also been made to create platform where new talent can be brought in and provide them with adequate training of this craft.


How did we Start

While working in their respective field the founders came across many people who were earlier engaged in Hand-block print activities but were now forced to take some other means of livelihood, particularly they were found working as domestic helps and daily wage earners. The founders took an initiative and formed a team which gathered together these people and asked them to work under Pittora. Today Pittora has around  50 such artisans who have ample knowledge about different types of Hand Block Printing Techniques and are strengthening the art under Pittora.

Ambika Purohit

Ambika Purohit, Co-Founder of Pittora, primary hails from Rajasthan have a double MBA from Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad and Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi.

While Woking in Fortis chain of Hospitals, she always thought of doing some innovative business. Ambika, herself being a quality conscious person thought of building an Indian Brand of quality Hand-Made apparels. Realising the worth and demand of  traditional Indian   craft , Ambika thought of building an Apparel brand which focuses on the traditional craft of the country. Being a Native of Rajasthan, she came up with the concept of glorifying the  traditional Hand Block print in Pan world. According to Ambika, Pittora is not only emphasising on the traditional art of Hand Block Print but also brings in innovation to the existing art.

Ambika teamed up with Aditi Sharma and started working towards building a Brand called PITTORA.

Aditi Sharma

Aditi Sharma the Co-Founder of Pittora is from Rajasthan and holds a strong MBA profile from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi in International Business. Aditi being benevolent by her nature always wanted to work towards the upliftment of the downtrodden.

While doing her research on Indian Artisans she witnessed the harsh realities of this field and with the zeal of helping the artisans she along with Ambika made efforts to build up the idea of Pittora Hand Made apparel brand, she devoted her time in providing livelihood to the hand block printing artisans, especially those who were not able to showcase their work in the Indian and Global market.

Both Ambika and Aditi think that Pittora will be a Unique initiative for all Handmade and Hand Block lovers.